Send Marketing Emails with Resend Broadcasts

Enabling anyone to send email campaigns without code.

Zeh FernandesZeh Fernandes
Send Marketing Emails with Resend Broadcasts

When we started Resend, we wanted to provide the easiest experience to send transactional emails.

As we continued to grow, users would often ask us if they could use Resend for marketing emails as well.

Having a different tool for each type of email is a pain, so we decided to build a solution that would allow you to send both transactional and marketing emails in the same place.

That way you can have a single source of truth for all your emails, including unified billing, centralized domain authentication, and consolidated deliverability metrics.

Who is this for?

Broadcasts are designed to help you send email blasts using a WYSIWYG editor.

You can use it to send:

  • Newsletters
  • Product Launches
  • Investor Updates
  • Promotions
  • Changelogs

It also enables the entire team to send email campaigns without having to ask for help from developers.

No-Code Editor

The new no-code editor makes it easy for anyone to write, format, and send emails.

Inspired by Notion, we're introducing slash commands to allow you to add content without leaving the keyboard.

There are currently 15 commands available, including Buttons, Images, Headings, Social Links, Unsubscribe Footer, and more.

Markdown Support

If you prefer to write your emails in Markdown, you can do that too. It works with headings, lists, italic, bold, links, and quotes.

You can easily copy and paste content from applications like Notion, Google Docs, iA Writer, and many others, maintaining formatting consistency.

Custom Styling

You can customize the look and feel of your email by changing global styles such as the background color, link color, and container size. This level of customization enables users to create unique and visually appealing emails that align with their brand identity.

As well as individual styles for each component, such as the font size, font weight, and text alignment. In the same sidebar you can set the custom properties for each component, like image alt, button link, and social link.

Testing & Sending

When you're done writing your email, you can preview it on your personal inbox or send it to your team for feedback.

We know that sending an email to thousands of people can be scary, so we came up with this cool idea of replacing the typical form submit button with a slider to confirm.

It's now one of our favorite parts of this entire experience.

Performance Tracking

After you send your broadcast, you can track its performance in real-time.

You can see how many emails were delivered, opened, clicked, and bounced.

This will unlock powerful insights, so you can understand exactly how your audience is interacting with each email.

Powered by React Email

Every component you see on this editor is powered by, an open-source library developed by Resend to help you build emails using React.

This means that you don't need to worry about your email being compatible with different email clients like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and others.

One thousand contacts, for free

We want to make sure that you have everything you need to get started, so we're giving you 1,000 contacts for free.

You can send as many emails as you want to these contacts. Once you're ready to upgrade, you can get a paid plan starting at $40/mo for 5,000 contacts. See Pricing for all the different tiers.

Get started today

We're excited to see what you'll send. Visit Broadcasts to get started.